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Maybe converting the drawable to a string, then doing an if statement for the string, like: (also know this is completely wrong, but its just for a visualisation) String resource = imgView.getDrawable ().toString (); if (resource.equals (R.drawable.well_done)) { //DO SOMETHING } Thanks. android. Share Then, if you like, the simple function to get the drawable id: private int getImageResource(ImageView iv) { return (Integer) iv.getTag(); } I hope this helps you, it sure made my work easier

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1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 0. The drawable directory is actually equivalent to drawable-mdpi. This equivalence is to maintain backwards compatibility (early versions of Android did not need to support multiple screen densities) ImageView temp = (ImageView) v.findViewById(resId); temp.setImageResource(icon); temp.setTag(icon); //drawable unique ID will be my identifier here Then in the onClick you simply compare View v with your drawable id. For example, I wanted to change image on click and I coded it this way. Take notice how I also change tag when I set a new drawable

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  1. I have an Android app that uses a lot of XML drawables (shapes, layer lists, and state list), and I want to port this app to Windows Phone 8. Is there an equivalent to XML drawables (specifically th
  2. For example, when creating a state list drawable, you can reference a color resource for the android:drawable attribute (android:drawable=@color/green). Bitmap. A bitmap image. Android supports bitmap files in three formats: .png (preferred), .jpg (acceptable), .gif (discouraged)
  3. Compare if a background of a view in android is equal to a specific resource id. Raw. compareBackgroundWithResourceId.java. // Comparing to a color. if ( Objects. equals (view. getBackground (). getConstantState (), activity. getResources (). getDrawable ( R. color. anyColor). getConstantState ())) {
  4. On Android 7.0 (API level 24) and higher, you can also define instances of your custom drawable with XML in the following ways: Using the fully-qualified class name as the XML element name. For this approach, the custom drawable class must be a public top-level class
  5. First, we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of the ShapeDrawables. Then we will create some Drawables that could be used in your app and lastly for the grand finale we will try t
  6. To start, extend the View class (or descendant thereof) and define the onDraw () callback method. This method will be called by the Android framework to request that your View draw itself. This is where you will perform all your calls to draw through the Canvas, which is passed to you through the onDraw () callback
  7. 1. int widthOfImage = image_view.getLayoutParams().width; 2. image_view.getLayoutParams().height = widthOfImage ; 3. . refer to this answer. you can do it in Hard-coded way: <ImageView android:layout_width=100dp android:layout_height=100dp android:src=@drawable/ic_launcher_background/>

Ok, I am trying to create a custom view called CheckedRelativeLayout.. It's purpose is the same as a CheckedTextView, to be able to use it in a list of items you want selected or in a Spinner.. It's all working fine now, I extended RelativeLayout and implemented Checkable interface.. However, I am stuck on a quite simple problem: Where can I find the Drawable that CheckedTextView and. MaterialShapeDrawable. ChipDrawable contains all the layout and draw logic for Chip . A Tooltip that supports shape theming and draws a pointer on the bottom in the center of the supplied bounds. Base drawable class for Material Shapes that handles shadows, elevation, scale and color for a generated path /* * True if the drawable should animate while visible. */ private boolean isStarted; /* * True if the drawable's resources have been recycled. */ private boolean isRecycled; /** * True if the drawable is currently visible. Default to true because on certain platforms (at * least 4.1.1), setVisible is not called on {@link android.graphics. Find answers to all your android questions. Jetpack Compose State List Drawable Equivalent. April 30, 2021 android, android-jetpack-compose, kotlin, statelistdrawable. What is the best way to get functionality of a StateListDrawable in Jetpack Compose? Source: Android Questions You need to.

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  1. From the perspective of data binding, these two classes are equivalent. The expression @{user.firstName} used for the android:text attribute accesses the firstName field in the former class and the getFirstName() method in the latter class. Alternatively, it is also resolved to firstName() if that method exists.. Binding data. A binding class is generated for each layout file
  2. Rect | Android Developers. Language English Bahasa Indonesia Español - América Latina Português - Brasil 中文 - 简体 日本語 한국어. Documentation. Overview Guides Reference Samples Design & Quality. Platform. Android Studio. Google Play. Jetpack. Kotlin
  3. Build and run the app. The first screen you'll see is one where you can place baby-faced emojis on a background. Try saving one. By clicking History in the toolbar, you can view your creation.. Great! Time to keep going. What is a Vector Drawable. VectorDrawables are the SVG equivalent on Android. They are defined in XML using resource files and can be dynamically altered at runtime
  4. All resources imported (images, drawables, layouts, strings and such) so they can be reused, Xamarin.Android.Support.V4 and V7 (since we have ActionbarActivity) are used and everything runs fine. However we noticed that in some elements the styles are not the same even when the code is equivalent

Vector Drawable Library. Provides support for static vector graphics. The Gradle build script dependency identifier for this library is as follows: com.android.support:support-vector-drawable:28.. Animated Vector Drawable Library. Provides support for animated vector graphics. The Gradle build script dependency identifier for this library is as follows How can Android tell which resources to retrieve? Very easily, with a naming system (or convention) that in our jargon, we call quantifiers . Thus, depending on your needs and what you'd like to manage visually, you'll add one or more quantifiers (drawable/, layout/, values/, etc.) to the main resource directories Android: Where to find the RadioButton Drawable? Ok, I am trying to create a custom view called CheckedRelativeLayout . It's purpose is the same as a CheckedTextView , to be able to use it in a list of items you want selected or in a Spinner This Kotlin Quick Guide summarizes the topics covered in the Android Basics in Kotlin course in the form of code snippets.. Learn more. See the Kotlin Language Documentation for full reference.; See the Kotlin Koans for more snippets to practice with. Note: This brings you to an external kotlinlang.org site that is developed by JetBrains

ImageView will not compare Drawables Android. I am wanting to create an application where 7 Drawables are being compared and the code must check to see whether the user has clicked on the correct and corresponding image that has been displayed in imageView. The imageView generates a randomly picked Drawable from an array Hey you are Calling showDialog(DIALOG_TEXT_ENTRY); from onCreate() method which display the Dialog immediately when the Activity get started ,Than how can enter any thing in to the EditText. And one more thing mUserText.getText() will return Editable object not the String object so try using mUserText.getText().toString( The UI of modern-day apps is getting better and better. Designers are trying out different styles and combinations which go best with the Android App. One of the key components of Android being used these days is called GradientDrawable.. A GradientDrawable is drawable with a color gradient for buttons, backgrounds, etc.. Let's start by taking a basic example of creating a button in Android. Contribute to sinnerschrader-mobile/Android-Resourcecheck development by creating an account on GitHub How to get resource id of ImageView in android. How to check which current image resource is attached to , I think if I understand correctly this is what you are doing. ImageView view = ( ImageView) findViewById(R.id.someImage); view. R.drawable.pic1 is a resource id for a drawable, .getId() returns an id for the view

Java answers related to android check if gps enabled copy to clipboard android studio; android gridlayout equal column width; how to change color of drawable in android; hide icon android studio; loading android studio; why enable multidex android res/drawable-xhdpi - Images for extra high-density screens (approx. 320 dpi) res/drawable-tvdpi - Images for displays between medium and high density (approx. 213 dpi) res/drawable-nodpi - Images that must not be scaled by the system; Checking for Hardware Support. By now, it should be apparent that not all Android devices were created equal ScalingImageView. An ImageView that transforms its drawable according to touch input. Supports rotated images and keeps transformation when you exchange the image for another one with a different size. All of that in ~400 lines of code (excluding blanks and comments)

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In any mobile app, Splash Screen is the first thing that the user will see. Despite this I have seen many developers implement splash screen with a fixed timeout, making the users of their app wai Just go to Android Studio > Refactor > Add RTL support where possible. I would recommend you checking your app once after applying this change as you might not want all your Layouts/Views to be. Edited Java 8 Solution: final Drawable drawable = Optional.ofNullable(Common.getDrawableFromUrl(this, product.getMapPath())) .orElseGet(() -> getRandomDrawable()); . You can declare drawable final in this case.. As Chasmo pointed out, Android doesn't support Java 8 at the moment. So this solution is only possible in other contexts Checklist. Fork this repository into your account. - Reproduce your issue in the issue-repro module. Issues without a repro in the issue-repro module may be auto-closed. - - Maybe I'll be lucky :) Describe the bug I found strange behaviour when using LottieAnimationView with static image and LottieCompositionFactory

In this blog, we will learn how to use SVG Vector Drawables in our Android applications. By using SVG images in your app, you can use the same image or icon in every device size and you don't have to worry about the quality of images i.e. you don't have to add different size images for different size mobile devices Android gives various options for storing apps data which uses a file system similar to the disk-based system on computer platforms. App-Specific storage: Store data files within internal volume directories or external.These data files are meant only for the app's use. It uses internal storage directories to save sensitive information such as a username and password that other app should not.

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  1. Android ImageView Supporting Multiple Device Screen Densities . In android there is a beautiful mechanism where the image is selected based on the screen density of the device.There are 5 specific directories present in res>drawable folder like drawable-mdpi, drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi, drawable-xxhdpi, drawable-xxxhdpi for different device densities.For example hdpi stands for high dots.
  2. This article explains how to check an internet connection in Android. Android Studio is used to create the sample. For this, first in your XML file you will use a button and on its click, you will check an internet connection
  3. User17605 posted. Can anyone provide an example of using StateListDrawable programmatically. In java you would use something like: states.addState(new int[] {android.R.attr.statefocused}, getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.focused)); However in Xamarin I can't find the equivalent to android.R.attr.statefocused.Has anyone managed to get this working
  4. Android GridView is a ViewGroup that displays items in a two-dimensional, scrollable grid. In this tutorial, we will build an image gallery using Android GridView.. Android GridView. Android GridView layout in one of the most useful layouts in android. GridView is mainly useful when we want show data in grid layout like displaying images or icons

<Button android:layout_width=wrap_content android:layout_height=wrap_content android:text=Round Button /> Step 2: Next thing we are going to create a custom drawable for our button. Add a new file inside drawable with Name green_round_button.xml. Finally, add below code in the green_round_button.xml fil ShapeAppearance styles can be seen as the Android equivalent of Material Design shape categories. They give you a means of defining shape characteristics without needing to deal with drawables directly. They currently only work with MDC widgets and are backed by a new MaterialShapeDrawable class, which is discussed in more detail below

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RecyclerView as Staggered Grid in Android With Example. GridView: A ViewGroup that shows the items in a two-dimensional scrolling grid. In Grid View, each grid is of the same size .i.e., the height and width of each grid are equal. It shows symmetric items in the views. Staggered GridView: This ViewGroup is the extension of Grid View Android offers a custom 2D graphics library for drawing and animating shapes and images. The android.graphics.drawable and android.view.animation packages are where you'll find the common classes used for drawing and animating in two-dimensions.. This document offers an introduction to drawing graphics in your Android application. We'll discuss the basics of using Drawable objects to draw. Kotlin Tutorials for Beginners - Urdu / Hindi:Basics And Fundamentals of Kotlin For Android Developers - Complete Playlist - اردو / हिंदीhttps://www. Xamarin.Android GridView. 02/06/2018; 3 minutes to read; d; d; c; m; In this article. GridView is a ViewGroup that displays items in a two-dimensional, scrollable grid. The grid items are automatically inserted to the layout using a ListAdapter. In this tutorial, you'll create a grid of image thumbnails. When an item is selected, a toast message will display the position of the image

If you're getting hung up on either trying to figure out how to set up your launch screen on Android by following the Flutter docs or having issues with the image scaling, try this quick guide o When you create a new Xamarin.Android application, some resources are provided by default, and can be found in several subfolders under the main Resources folder. I'll start by taking a look at those folders and files provided in the default project. Drawable Drawables, as the name implies, are resources that can be drawn to the screen Typically, images are displayed using the built-in image view. This view takes care of the loading and optimizing of the image, freeing you to focus on app-specific details like the layout and content. In this guide, we will take a look at how to use an ImageView, how to manipulate bitmaps, learn about the different density folders and more

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A mutable drawable is guaranteed to not share its state with any other drawable. This is especially useful when you need to modify properties of drawables loaded from resources. By default, all drawables instances loaded from the same resource share a common state; if you modify the state of one instance, all the other instances will receive the same modification Android's hot new features. This summer, we're expanding the ways we keep you safe and finding new ways to keep you connected. Here are the latest features available on your Android device. See what's ne

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android - Check two drawable images - all. i have created frame animation using animation drawable. have 25 images in animation. have compare image current frame in animation 1 stored in res/drawable folder. how compare 2 drawables?? == , .equals methods wont work drawables As you can see in LinearLayout we have set, android:weightSum=2″ and then in each of the button we set android:layout_weight=1″ to make those of equal size, and also another important is android:layout_width=0dip Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects.; Updated: 20 Nov 201 your app to run on older Android versions (down to the minSdkVersion). This lint check starts warning you some months before these changes go into. effect if your targetSdkVersion is 25 or lower. This is intended to give you a. heads up to update your app, since depending on your current targetSdkVersion Ok, I am trying to create a custom view called CheckedRelativeLayout. It's purpose is the same as a CheckedTextView, to be able to use it in a list of items you want selected or in a Spinner. It's all working fine now, I extended RelativeLayout and implemented Checkable interface. However, I am stuck on a quite simple problem: Where can I find the Drawable that CheckedTextView and RadioButton use

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Fortunately there is a really simple way to preserve the aspect ratio of the image while keeping control of one dimension (in our case the height). When we set adjustViewBounds to true we are telling the ImageView (not the drawable) to adjust its bounds to preserve the aspect ratio of its drawable. android:layout_width=wrap_content The width is the intrinsic width of the Drawable - the width it will return if an external component wants to know the Drawable's preferred size. In other words, if you set the width to 24dp and then place it in a ImageView which has android:layout_width=wrap_content then, following the layout pass, the ImageView will have a size of 24dp

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  2. My New App! Hello reader, while you're here I would appreciate it if you could check out my new app Sync Timer on Google Play.It's a timer app which synchronises between all of your Android devices (and it uses AnimatedVectorDrawables too!) In Android version 5.0, Lollipop, Google introduced its own vector graphics format, the VectorDrawable
  3. android.graphics.drawable.AnimationDrawable Class Overview An object used to create frame-by-frame animations, defined by a series of Drawable objects, which can be used as a View object's background
  4. android:clickable: Used to set true when you want to make this View clickable. Otherwise, set false. android:drawableBottom: Used to set drawable to bottom of the text in this view. android:drawableEnd: Used to set drawable to end of the text in this view. android:drawableLeft: Used to set drawable to left of the text in this view. android.
  5. Android ImageButton. Android ImageButton has all the properties of a normal button. It has the option to add a resource file instead of text. Working with Bitmaps. Bitmaps belong to the class android.graphics.Bitmap.. Bitmapfactory is mainly used for Scaling images from the drawable. If we don't use BitmapFactory then it leads to insufficient memory allocations
  6. Returns drawables for the left, top, right, and bottom borders. (Inherited from TextView) GetCompoundDrawablesRelative() Returns drawables for the start, top, end, and bottom borders. (Inherited from TextView) GetDrawableState() Return an array of resource IDs of the drawable states representing the current state of the view

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  1. March 11, 2021 android, android-uiautomator, appium, automation, uiautomatorviewer. New to using uiautomatorviewer. When I start it on my Mac, it doesn't show any attached devices. I have 1 attached device which Android File Transfer recognizes. Here is what I am seeing This is what I am expecting to see: Source: Android.
  2. Material Design conducted research to understand the usability and design preferences for embedding a floating action button (FAB) in the bottom navigation bar. Preferences and rankings for the different designs were gathered from around 650 participants from the United States, twenty from India and ten from Brazil
  3. Of course , we need these things to setup : The drawer_layout, responsible for holding my menu. The toolbar, responsible for holding my top left icon of the drawer. The nav_host_fragment which will hold any view that I will load from the Navigation logic. The nav_view responsible for my navigation
  4. Android Binary XML Format¶. Android uses a special format to save XML and resource files. Also resource files are XML files in the source folder, but all resources are packed into a single resource file called resources.arsc.The underlying format is chunk based and is capable for storing several different information
  5. In this blog, we are learning how to use and implement shared preferences in Xamarin Android. In most cases, an application has a screen for authenticating apps or accessing an application for further processing i.e. accessing data. There is another optionas well; i.e., Remember Me on the screen of the applicaition itself

We use this mechanism to refresh the user interface automatically. You can learn more about LiveData in the Android doc. We also add code to check previous authentication status at application startup time. When the application starts, it checks if a Cognito session already exists and updates the UserData accordingly 2- Open up colors.xml file to change the main colors of the app. 3- Open up activity_main.xml file to add Android Recyclerview. Android Recyclerview. ( Large preview) 4- Make sure to add the images that you want them to appear in Gridlayout inside project drawable folder. Images inside Android Studio drawable folder Android applications are, at least on the T-Mobile G1, limited to 16 MB of heap. It's both a lot of memory for a phone and yet very little for what some developers want to achieve. Even if you do not plan on using all of this memory, you should use as little as possible to let other applications run without getting them killed

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Example. Android allows programmers to place images at all four corners of a TextView.For example, if you are creating a field with a TextView and at same time you want to show that the field is editable, then developers will usually place an edit icon near that field. Android provides us an interesting option called compound drawable for a TextView Extracts the array of SubjectAlt DNS names from an X509Certificate. Verifies that the specified hostname is allowed within the specified SSL session. Creates and returns a copy of this Object. Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal A useful stack on android #3, compatibility 12 Mar 2015. This is the third post of the series: 'A useful stack on Android'. In the first part I have tried to define a modular and scalabe architecture, based on the pattern: Model View Presenter (MVP).. The second part has explained how to take small bites of Material Design on the user interface, through colors, transitions, vectors, etc

In Android Studio 3.6 or later, you need to manually add the old version of the Android SDK Tools. To do this: Open the Android Studio SDK Manager; In the Android SDK Tools tab, uncheck Hide Obsolete Packages; Check Android SDK Tools (Obsolete) See Android's documentation on Installing SDK Packages for more details. Setting environment variable Drawable Height and Width is Not Working in Android ICS. I am tring to get the image width and height in android and load accordingly buy my below code is working fine in 2.3.3 but when i test in higher version (4.0) its height and width are giving null pointer exceptionBelow is my code. Drawable drawable = null; drawable. Android APIs. android; android.accessibilityservice; android.accounts; android.animation; android.app; android.app.admin; android.app.backup; android.appwidge